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The 2016 OSA Laser Congress has concluded — offering 600 attendees a comprehensive view of the latest technological advances as well as the applications of laser technologies for industrial products and markets 

The conference featured an extensive exhibition comprised of a global audience of laser leaders and a forum on trends in laser applications. The expanded congress included comprehensive, peer-reviewed technical sessions, a cutting-edge exhibition, and industry focused “Executive Forum” program. Research topics incorporated into the technical program included: quantum cascade lasers, lasers for sensing and lasers for free space communications.

Also featured: market-focused sessions and presentations describing needed technological and engineering advances required to translate these laser technologies into commercial products. Coupling research with product requirements was a new and successful addition to the 2016 congress.

Keynote Programming
The following global leaders in lasers and laser-based applications shared their insights on quantum cascade lasers, petawatt lasers and quantum coherence in molecular photonics:

Federico Capasso, Harvard University, USA — High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers from the Mid-IR to the Far-IR and their Impact on Science and Technology

Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M University and Baylor University, USA — Remote Sensing of Trace Concentrations

Constantin Haefner, Program Director for Advanced Photon Technologies in NIF & Photon Science, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA — Application-Enabling KiloWatt Average Power Petawatt Lasers

Christopher Marshall, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA — National Ignition Facility Science Applications

Valentin GapontsevCEO and Chairman of the Board, IPG, USA — 25 Years of the High Power Fiber Laser

Berthold Schmidt, Managing Director, TRUMPF Photonics, Inc., USA — Trends in Continuous Wave (CW) Solid State Lasers

Special invited presentation by Kevin J. Wolf, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, USA — An overview of the current Export Control Reform initiatives and a discussion on the final rules revising USML Category XII.

Save the Date
Mark your calendars for the 2017 OSA Laser Congress, which will be held 1 - 5 October, in Nagoya, Japan.

In 2017, the conference will offer two collocated meetings:

  • Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference (ASSL)
  • Laser Applications Conference (LAC) with the Executive Forum